Day Trips from Kangding

MuGeTso Lake

MugehtsoAround 26 km outside of Kangding is an alpine lake lying at an elevation of 3780m / 12,400 feet. There are many hiking trails that go above the main lake that offer sweeping views of the surrounding mountains.

Entry and Bus Fee: Y120 + Y80

Supposedly there is now a bus service to the main gate:
“Kangding according to the municipal government’s arrangements for the convenience of visitors along the scenic and Mugecuo people travel, Kangding bus company decided at the weekend (from August 1, 2015), the opening of a new station in Kangding off to scenic Mugecuo bus. Running time: Dongguan new station 8: 40,14: 40 Mugecuo resort 9: 40,15: 40 Pick Up Location: Kangding City: Dongguan new station Mugecuo: Mugecuo entrance area fare: Dongguan the new station to Mugecuo fare is 10 yuan, according to the middle section fares.”     Link: http: //
Taxi to the main gate or share a vehicle from the BuXiJie Station area for Y15


Yajiageng and Red Rock Valley

About 30kms south of Kangding is a mountain pass that rises to around 3800m. This area is called Ya Jia Geng and offers an amazing panoramic view of glaciated peaks that rise well over 6000m. There is still no entrance fee here, so enjoy it while you still can. A roundtrip taxi ride will cost between 200 RMB and 300 RMB, depending on how long you stay there.

There is great hiking in this ruggedly beautiful area.  Although a little pricey to hire a car for the day, you will not regret this day trip!


Gonga Shan Approach Valley

Kangding is the launching point for the trek around Gongga Shan, known as Minyak Konka in Tibetan. Gongga Shan is the highest peak in the region rising to 7556m / 24,790 feet. This trek is popular for both Buddhist pilgrims and trekkers. Depending on which route you take, the trek takes between 7 and 10 days. Contact us regarding more information on this trek or read our introduction book. In addition to Gongga Shan, there are 20 other peaks within 75 kms of Kangding that rise above 6000m / 19,700 feet.


Zhiduo Shan Village

The Zheduo Pass, at an elevation of 4300m / 14,105 feet, is located 35 kms west of town. Zhiduo Village is a great place to go hiking and get a good view of the snow-covered peaks.

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