Worried About Altitude Sickness?

Please read all about it.

Can we make advanced reservations?

Yeah, we’ll do our best, but generally first come first serve. We do have a trusted local friend who runs a very clean hostel nearby which we use as an overflow.

Can we extend our visa in Kangding?

There is a Public Security Bureau in Kangding which is enabled to extend tourist visas so long as you have been properly registered in your previous stays and this is your first renewal of a tourist visa within China.

Can we get permits to Tibet in Kangding?

Never say “no”, but we really, really don’t think you can. In fact, we are almost certain one can’t… but let’s hope that changes soon. You can organize a Lhasa trip through www.extravagantyak.com

What is there to do in and around Kangding?

Hotsprings and local hikes: Mugehtso Lake, Gonga Mountain Trailhead, Yajiagen Pass, Zhedou Pass, Gouda Mountain, Five Colored Lake, Paoma Mountain

Can we rent a car in Chengdu or Kangding?

Yes in Chengdu, but international driver’s licenses are not recognized in China and one has to pass the driver’s exam and get a Chinese license. No for car rental agencies in Kangding

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